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UPDATE 3/24/20
This is an update to keep you informed of Souderton Borough’s response and actions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Effective 3/23/20 at 8PM, Gov. Wolf issued a “Stay at Home” order for 7 counties, including Montgomery County.  The order will continue for two weeks until April 6, 2020.  Guidance regarding the order can be found here:

Additionally, Souderton Borough remains under a Disaster Declaration.  The purpose of this declaration is to avail Souderton Borough to potential supplies and funds that may be necessary in the near future.  At this point, our fire department and police department are both fully supplied with necessary safety equipment.  The Borough administrative personnel and Public Works are reporting to work in partial shifts, in order to carry out necessary functions of the borough.

The Borough Emergency Management Plan Coordinator is, and has been in regular contact with the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  The County EOC is where we are receiving directives with respect to the outbreak.  All of the local municipalities in Montgomery County are under the directive of Montgomery County.  Montgomery County is working in tandem with the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  This system is designed to keep all municipalities informed and connected, while eliminating wasteful overlap of resources.

Our local Emergency Management Plan has been designed and tested by skilled individuals within our emergency services.  This includes the Perseverance Volunteer Fire Company, the Souderton Police Department, the Souderton Ambulance Corp., and the Souderton Borough Public Works Department.  Representatives of these groups remain in constant communication with each other and with Montgomery County, regarding the outbreak.

The Mayor and Souderton Borough Council are receiving updates daily from the borough Emergency Management Plan Coordinator.

A link to Montgomery County’s COVID-19 site can be found on the borough website.  This is the most up-to-date and accurate information for our borough residents.  Residents can also call the county at 610-631-3000.  The site contains information regarding state and county orders, press releases, personal safety information and test site information.  You can access the site from the borough website or find it here:

Please check back regularly to the borough website for updates regarding borough closures and potential limitations of services.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation in these difficult days.
Brian Goshow
President, Souderton Borough Council

Past update: March 19, 2020 Update

Current-Local Outbreak Information

or call 610-631-3000

All public borough council meetings will be cancelled through 04/06/2020.

Effective March 20, 2020, due to recent health concerns and recommendations from the PA Department of Health, Montgomery County officials and Governor Wolf, Souderton Borough Hall will be temporarily closed to walk-in service. Due to the new order by Governor Wolf, we will be on abbreviated hours. The abbreviated hours will be  Monday-Friday 8:30-Noon until further notice. Please contact the office during our new abbreviated hours so we can address any questions or concerns via telephone 215-723-4371, e-mail or fax 215-723-5569. Additionally, no inspections will be being done at this point in time that are not emergencies. 

Cash payments will not be accepted at this time. You may use our 24 hour drop box for check payments; we are also able to take credit card payments over the phone 215-723-4371 for building permit and other Borough payments, and also for trash/sewer payments. Trash/sewer payments can also be made online at Pay. For rental invoices and building permits please call the Borough office to make credit card payments.

During the current COVID-19 outbreak and given the significant potential for surface contamination, all Souderton Borough recreation facilities are temporarily closed for two weeks, by order of Governor Wolf. Please refrain from using any playground equipment, park benches and picnic tables at this point in time. It is not possible to properly sanitize these pieces after every use and in an effort to slow the spread of this virus, we respectfully request that this ban be respected.

The park trails will be open for use but we are requesting that “social distancing” of 6′ be observed as must as possible.

At this time we do not expect there to be any interruption to Trash service. There will be no interruption to Police or Fire Department services at this time.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this challenging time for all of us.

Council also appoints community members to the Zoning Hearing Board,  the Planning Commission, the Police Civil Service Commission, and the Souderton Industrial Development Authority. Each of which meets independently of each other and of council. They meet as there is business that pertains to their responsibilities.  Below you will find what they are responsible for and whom currently service on them.

         Zoning Hearing Board

Council appoints Zoning Hearing Board members to consider appeals, challenges, variances and special exceptions to provisions of the Souderton Borough Zoning Ordinance. When required, the Zoning Hearing Board holds public hearings on the second Tuesday of the month upon submission of a completed application and filing fee. Contact the Borough Office for additional information and assistance.

Kelli J. Scarlett (12/31/21)
William H Collier III (12/31/22)
Eugene Moyer (12/31/20)
Joseph C. Kuhls
Kuhls Law Firm

       Planning Commission

The Souderton Planning Commission is an advisory board to Borough Council, responsible for reviewing subdivision and land development plans prior to submission to Borough Council. The Planning Commission meets on the first Wednesday of each month—if there is scheduled business.

Edward Huber (7/2/22)
Andrew Schlosser (7/2/23)
D. Jeffrey Gross (7/2/21)
Thomas Rosenberger (7/2/21)
Laurie Reynolds (7/2/20)
Boucher & James Inc. Melissa Prugar Appointed

       Police Civil Service Commission

When new police officer candidates or promotions are needed in the Souderton Police Department, the Police Civil Service Commission administers testing. They also address appeals regarding disputes or disciplinary actions between police officers and management.

William Yocum (12/31/22)
 Nathan Miller
Eric Boyton (12/31/24)

       Souderton Industrial Development Authority

Operating independently from the borough, The Souderton Industrial Development Authority assists developers with financing for industrial and large commercial projects. Requests for funding are not limited to borough locations. Solicitor Robert G. Bricker at 215-723-4374 can provide further information.

 Daniel L. Yocum  (8/4/20)
Ryan Godshall-Vice Chairman  (8/4/23)
Craig Silsbee (8/4/24)
Robert Wellington (8/4/21)
John Young (8/4/22)
Robert G. Bricker

Landis, Hunsberger, Gingrich & Weik Law Firm

For general information, or if you are not sure who to contact, please call 215-723-4371 or email