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Borough Staff

For inspections please contact the office at 215-723-4371. Beatrice, Maryjane and Laura are able to schedule you for inspections with Steve Toy.

Name Position Phone
 General Information  215-723-4371
P. Michael Coll Borough Manager 215-723-4371
Steven J. Toy Code Enforcement Officer 215-723-4371
Beatrice M. Kaizar Office Manager 215-723-4371
Maryjane D. Yoder Secretary/Billing Clerk 215-723-4371
Laura N. Turner-McGuigan Receptionist 215-723-4371
Tax Collector
Donald D. Bergey Tax Collector 215-207-1077
Highway Garage 
Steven R. Coll Fire Marshal/ PW Director 215-723-4371
Waste Water Treatment Plant 
Salvatore DeSimone Chief Operator, WWTP 215-723-3824

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Borough Council

Name Position Phone
Richard L. Godshall Ward 1 215-723-8449
Ned D. Leight Ward 1 215-723-8531
Daniel L. Yocum Ward 1 267-421-3154
Daryl W. Littlefield Ward 2 215-407-3761
Matthew L. Mscichowski Ward 2 484-868-0243
Julie A. Munden Ward 2 215-723-2951
Brian K. Goshow Ward 3-President 215-721-0251
Donna M. Rogers Ward 3 215-723-0347
Edward M. Huber Ward 3  215-721-0639
John R. Reynolds Mayor 215 721-1926
Meg Cross Junior Councillor  

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Police Department –

For Emergency dial 911.

For non-emergency see below:

Name Position Phone
James P. Leary Chief 215-723-6500
Joseph J. Rudner Jr. Detective 215-723-6500
Wayne L. Black Officer 215-723-6500
Martin A. DiVergigelis Officer 215-723-6500
Bernie Greenberg Officer 215-723-6500
Thomas A. Lawson Officer 215-723-6500
Jeffrey C. Lukens Officer 215-723-6500
Adam W. Moore Officer 215-723-6500
James C. Throop Officer 215-723-6500
Gregory Meinhardt Officer 215-723-6500
Megan Jarrell Officer 215-723-6500
Dianna M. Fields Administrative Assistant 215-723-6500

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