Police Department Contacts

You may also call 215-723-6500 for non-emergencies or 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

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    Brian A. Newhall, Chief of Police – bnewhall@soudertonpolice.org
    Joseph J. Rudner Jr., Detective – jrudner@soudertonpolice.org
    Thomas A. Lawson, Officer – tlawson@soudertonpolice.org
    Jeffrey C. Lukens, Officer – jlukens@soudertonpolice.org
    James C. Throop, Officer – jthroop@soudertonpolice.org
    Gregory Meinhardt, Officer – gmeinhardt@soudertonpolice.org
    Megan Jarrell, Officer – mjarrell@soudertonpolice.org
    Jason Saucier, Officer – jsaucier@soudertonpolice.org
    Dianna M. Fields, Administrative Assistant – dfields@soudertonpolice.org