Unlicensed and/or Uninspected Vehicles

Written by Laura Office on . Posted in Uncategorized

Souderton Borough Ordinances regulate the storage of unlicensed and/or uninspected vehicles. If you have a vehicle or trailer that isn’t currently licensed and/or inspected that is stored outside on your property or on a public street you are violating the Borough Ordinance. Many residents believe that they are permitted to store such a vehicle on their property or on a public street this is an incorrect understanding.

The Borough and Property Maintenance Code don’t allow vehicles or trailers of any type to be parked or stored on any residentially zoned property unless they are in a good state of repair and display current license and inspection stickers including public streets and right-of-ways. However, these vehicles may be stored in a completely enclosed building approved for such use. 

If you have an unlicensed and/or uninspected vehicle parked or stored outside on your property, please either place the vehicle in your garage or have the vehicle properly inspected and licensed. Your neighbors and our staff will appreciate it. You will save yourself a fine.