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3 pdf Uand0 TECHNICAL SECTION This is the form that the Borough needs filled out. Please complete the form and submit it to the Borough office. This is needed with the sale of any home in the Borough.
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There are as many as 50 forms available at the Borough Office. We selected the most used forms and put them on the website so you can download them. More will be posted over time. For more forms go on the left hand side under Permits & Forms.


A Use and Occupancy Permit is required for any sale or conveyance of property. This permit will require a physical inspection of your property, which should be completed 30 days prior to the scheduled settlement to provide time to address any noted problems. A priority of the inspection will include the condition of curb and sidewalks and/or the construction of curb and sidewalk along the frontage of your property if it is not present and the removal of any basement floor drain that is connected to the sanitary sewer system.  Uand0 TECHNICAL SECTION.pdf   USE AND OCCUPANCY INSPECTION REPORT 2017. Make sure when you are submitting the U&O application to included a request for Final Sewer (sewer certification) and Final Trash (trash certification). Certifications are to be completed on a separate sheet from the U&O application. Fees are $25.00 for sewer certification and $25.00 for trash certification. Please make sure they are all on separate checks.


Any property within the Borough of Souderton that is rented or leased must be annually registered with the Code Enforcement Officer. The annual registration fee is $40.00 plus $ 12.00 per unit. Invoices for Rental Properties will be mailed in April or May every year. The form to update annually is located here. You can also find it on the top right of this page. It is also located on left hand side under Forms/ Rental and Business Applications/Landlord Tenant Registration Form. COMMERCIAL INSPECTION CHECKLIST.pdf

Regulations also require periodic inspections of all rental units to verify compliance with life and safety issues and the Property Maintenance Code. The inspections will occur every three years. The first round of inspection on all registered rental properties has been completed The inspection schedule is broken down by the three wards in Souderton Borough. Inspections of rental properties located in Ward 1 should be scheduling by the end of 2023. Ward 2 properties will begin inspections in 2021 and properties in Ward 3 will be scheduled beginning in 2022.

Please note: If the property owner doesn’t reside at the property and there are other people residing at the property then it is a Rental Property.

Right-to-Know Request Form

To request public records, download the Right-to-Know Request Form and submit it to the borough office. A response or an interim letter will be sent within five business days of receiving the request. Fees for records are based on the fees recommended by the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records; photocopies will cost 25 cents per page and certified police reports will cost $15 per report. Specialized documents and postage fees will be billed at their actual costs.

For more information on the Right-to-Know Law, visit the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.

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