Last-minute Free Electronics Collection Event DECEMBER 17th

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Montgomery County has been unexpectedly offered a last-minute free electronics collection event.  A TV manufacturer group is sponsoring the event to meet their recycling goal for the year.  The event will be on Saturday, December 17th at the Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, see attached flyer.  This is a onetime event which has been established on short notice. 

Click here to download flyer 



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Souderton Borough is pleased to announce:                       images7pua9u8k        

Residents are now able to pay their trash and sewer bills online via Credit Card.

Paying Your Bill

You can pay your Sewer and Trash Bills via US Mail, in office (M-F 8:30 am to 5 pm), via drop box (24/7 in vestibule), over the phone (M-F 8:30 am to 5pm) or online via MuniciPAY (24/7 from home) using:

  • Check (In office, drop box or Mail) NO FEE
  • Cash (In office, drop box or Mail) NO FEE
  • Money Order (In office, drop box or Mail) NO FEE
  • Visa, MasterCard, and Discover (Service fee will apply, see below) FEE

Convenience Fee for payments using a Credit/Debit Card.

Credit card photo for link

Souderton Borough will offer the convenience of accepting MasterCard, Discover, and Visa credit cards for sewer and trash bills. The payment processing company will charge a service fee of 2.45% or $3.00 minimum to cardholders who use this service. This fee will be applied any time there is a payment made via credit card. Debit cards are considered Credit Cards the fee will apply to them as well. This charge applies if you use your card online, over phone, via mail, in drop box or in the office.

This fee goes directly to the third party who will be processing the transaction for us; it is not retained by the Borough.

The link is on the top of the web page on right hand side BILL PAY

Also there is a link on the left hand side under contact us that says BILL PAY

You will need the Last name of the Account holder and Account Number. Please us last name only and not add the first name into search field. If you need your account number or need any help please contact us at the Borough office 215-723-4371.



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fall-clip-art-autumn-clip-art-leaves-clip-art-clipart-2-image-2   Spot Collections scheduled to begin the week of DECEMBER 5th  fall-leaves

Due to heavy winds the past few weeks the Borough will be doing a spot check collection of leaves. They will start this after the last scheduled collection of leaves on the East side. The spot check collection will start on or about the 5th of December.

Rake your leaves to the curb line of the street for collection by the Borough. Please note that the Borough will not collect leaves in alleys. Leaves are collected through vacuum equipment and disposed at a recycling facility. Please keep in mind that we cannot pick up piles of leaves with excessive quantities of sticks, stones, hedge clippings, plant materials, and other trash. These items will damage or clog the equipment or jeopardize our ability to dispose of the load at the recycling facility.

Collections will alternate each week between east and west sections of the Borough. Rake your leaves out to the street by the beginning of the scheduled collection week; remember that once the crew has passed your street they will not return until the next scheduled collection time.



Includes the area west of the railroad tracks to the borough line between Reliance Road and Cherry Lane

  • 1st Collection: October 24 – 28
  • 2nd Collection: November 7 – 11
  • 3rd Collection: November 21 – 25


Includes the area east of the railroad tracks to the Borough line between Reliance Road & Cherry Lane

  • 1st Collection: October 31 – November 4
  • 2nd Collection: November 14 – 18
  • 3rd Collection: November 28 – December 2 





TV DISPOSAL & Montgomery County Recycling Events

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E-Waste Alert! Disposal Ban: State law prohibits residents from putting covered devices such as televisions, desktop and laptop computers, monitors, keyboard and anything that connects to a computer out for trash collection. Unfortunately, due to forces beyond the County’s control, Montgomery County will not be able to hold electronic collection events in 2016. Four local companies that accepts electronics, including all televisions (including flat screen, TV’s in wooden consoles, large plasma and tube) of any size for a nominal fee are:

Richter Drafting & Office Supply 757 Route 113 Souderton, PA 18964 (P) 215-723-3900 Contact RICHTER

611 Metals 2509 Wyandotte Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090 (P) 267-221-6924 Contact 611 METALS

Salvation Army Thrift Store in Montgomeryville accepts working TVs up to 21″ as well as working computers and electronics. 671 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville, PA 18936  (P) 215-631-1570

SHRED ONE 1830 County Line Rd Suite 310, Huntigdon Valley, PA (P) 215-364-2265 Open Every Saturday 9:00 am to 1 pm

Junkluggers Recycling 1438 EASTON ROAD ABINGTON PA 19001 (P) 215-800-0922 SEE Junk Flyer FOR MORE INFORMATION. Updated 08/22/16 please contact company direct for updated prices.

TV REMOVAL 08.22.16 Click this link for a downloadable copy of the list of TV Drop off locations in Montgomery County. Updated 08/22/16 please contact companies directly for updated prices.

Montgomery County Recycling Events

For Additional information please contact or call 610-278-3618 please don’t contact the host sites.

All Dates are on our Calendar on this website on the left hand side.

Printable flyers for each event is on the left hand side of this website and under Forms then Trash

All events for 2016 are finished. Please check back after January 2017 for the 2017 events.

Souderton Borough Trash and Recycling Information

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Answers to Frequently asked Questions

What day will my trash and recycling be collected by J.P. Mascaro? See the map below

  • Please make sure your cans are out by 6 am on day of collection. Cans will be turned sideways after they are empty.
  • Please contact the Borough office 215-723-4371 with issues with trash pick up or questions about pick up.
  • The division of Thursday or Friday service days is East Chestnut Street & West Broad Street
  • Thursday will be the pickup day for those residents located North of East Chestnut Street and West Broad Street.
  • Friday will be the pickup day for those residents located South of East Chestnut Street South and South of West Broad Street.
  • Click Below to see a Map         Map of Souderton Borough Collection Zones 

Why did my Trash/ Recycling not get picked up?

  • The most common reason your trash or recycling didn’t get picked up is that the cans aren’t to the edge of the Property. JP Mascaro will not come on to your property to get the cans. Cans need to be moved from next to the garage to edge of property. If in an alley cans should be at end of parking area where alley meets parking area. Also JP Mascaro will not return the cans back on to your property they will put them back on the edge of the property.
  • Second most common reason that your cans aren’t getting picked up is because they are blocked. Please make sure that your car isn’t blocking your cans.
  • One reasons that your Trash is picked up and not your Recycling would be: you have non recyclable items in your recycling can. Please review the list of recyclable items below.
  • JP Mascaro has been putting Notice of Non-Compliance for curbside collection notices on your cans if they find issues. Please review the notice and make the changes needed to comply so that they will continue to pick up your trash/recycling. Click here to see a copy of the Notice of Non-Compliance

When will I get my bill? And who will be billing me?

  • The bills will be mailed quarterly. Just like the sewer bills, trash service bills are payable to Souderton Borough.
  • Payments can be made in person or by mail. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card.
  • When paying by check Sewer payments and Trash payments must be paid on two separate checks.
  • Souderton Borough prefers both Trash and Sewer services mailing to go to the property owner or property manager.  If you are a property owner and request to have a utility bill mailed to the occupant of your property you must understand regardless of who resides at your property the owner of the property will always be responsible for unpaid invoices. Trash Form For Tenants

Where can I purchase my bags?

  •  The bags are now available for purchase at the Souderton Borough Office. The specially marked bags are $4.00 per bag. Click here for a photo of the bag.
  • No more than 4 bags can be placed out on the curb per week. Please note: If one or more bags will be going to the curb per week, it may be more cost effective to go with the Standard Weekly Service Trash Recycling Tote Service.

Why did I get multiple sets of Totes?

  • Each unit is required to have trash and/ or recycle service.
  • If you have 4 units in your building you will receive 1 set of totes per unit. Four recycle totes and four trash totes.
  • If you have a multi unit building please call our office 215-723-4371

I just moved into Souderton Borough. What should I do?

  • At Settlement you should have received a copy of the trash form please update that form and return it to our office. You can either Fax it  215-723-4371, mail it, or email it to us.
  • If you move in in the middle of a quarter if the seller already paid for full quarter you will pay them for the rest of your quarter, we will not be prorating the bills. If there is a outstanding Balance you will have to get that amount from Seller at settlement for their part of that quarter.
  • If you have misplaced your letter please print form and send it in to office.

BULK removal information

J.P. Mascaro & Sons will also provide bulk waste removal service for standard service customers.  By our contract they will pick up one bulk item (i.e. mattress, furniture, etc.) per household is permitted per week. No tires, TV’s, electronic devices, or appliances not containing Freon.
Appliances containing Freon, such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners please contact or call 610-278-3618 for a list of companies that will dispose of these items.

recycling  SINGLE-STREAM Recycling Collection    recyle tote

Residents can now recycle more and throw away less waste with a larger wheeled tote for recycling. You were provided with a new 64 gallon red toter with a blue lid. Recyclables can be mixed together. No Sorting needed and please don’t bag your recyclables.
Items that can be recycled are: newspapers, inserts & junk mail, magazines, catalogs and envelopes, paper back books and phone books, cardboard, clean pizza boxes, office & school papers (colored paper), box board (Cereal, cake, & cracker boxes), paper egg cartons, paper bags, aluminum cans & clean foil, tin c& empty steel aerosol cans, empty glass jars& bottles, and all plastic containers labeled #1-#7.
Items NOT to recycle: Garbage,   plastic bags, food waster, Styrofoam, motor oil, plastic toys, batteries, electronics, CD/DVD, egg cartons, hangers, and yard waste. 12 items not to put in your recycling container.

What is Collected to be Recycled printable list of Recyclables.

Click to read some fact about Recycling: recycling-article-11152016

Recycling print out

Leaf and Brush

Borough will still pick up leaves and brush as they have been doing. Contact Borough office to get added to the list. They start the First Monday of the Month. No Alley pick up. Must be out front or on side street. Branches are to be 1-6 inches in Diameter 1-8 foot in length. No rootballs, shrubs or stumps. To dispose of items as rootballs, shrubs, stumps check the following websites. 610-539-8988 or Twigs smaller than 1 inch maybe disposed of in your trash totter.

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