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Public Safety

Emergency Medical Services- Souderton Borough is served by Volunteer Medical Service Corps. (VMSC)

In October of 1944, the corps revised its Articles of Incorporation and adopted the corporate name used to this day- The Volunteer Medical Service Corps of Lansdale. With the change in name, the corps moved from being a paramilitary organization to one devoted exclusively to emergency medical care and rescue services of the residents of the greater Lansdale region.

Up to 1986, all staffing of ambulance and rescue calls came from Volunteers. However, as the region’s population grew the annual volume of calls began to overtax available volunteers. The need for supplemental staffing by career Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and office staff. The career staff works in tandem with their dedicated volunteers to staff the ambulances and various specialized rescue vehicles that form the Corps’ fleet.

The Corps fleet is made up of 8 ALS Ambulances, 3 Command vehicles, 1 Special Service Truck, 6 ALS/BLS Mountain bikes, and 1 Montgomery County MCI Trailer. The Corps staffs 4 stations with ALS coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Fire Department- Souderton Borough is served by Perseverance Fire Company.  The Perseverance Fire Company is an all-volunteer force located in Souderton Borough. 

The Perseverance Volunteer Fire Company, also known as the Souderton Fire Company was incorporated in 1901. For over 115 years, the Souderton Fire Company has maintained a totally volunteer membership, comprised of over 50 active firefighters and supporting members, all striving to maintain the commitment of providing quality and prompt emergency services when they are called.

As an all-volunteer force, they will respond to nearly 400 emergency calls each year, consuming over 3,500 hours of volunteer time. Call volumes have not decreased and operating expenses continue to increase and our equipment ages. The Perseveration Fire Company remains fully committed to the challenges of providing quality emergency services to our community.

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Police Department- The Souderton Police Department serves Souderton Borough 24 hours a day/7 days a week.